I have been going to Dr. Emily Howell for Chiropractic and Acupuncture since January 2005. It started when she was at Summerhill Health Centre and then continued at her Ashbridge’s Health Centre from 2007 to the present. I had major back surgery and the weekly treatments I believe have permitted me to live a normal life with minimal pain or discomfort.I like to be able to have the Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments done at the same time and find that they are a good complement for each other for maintaining a healthy life.

At Ashbridge’s Health Centre I am getting all the help I require and have the extra safeguard of continued regular treatment since if Dr. Emily Howell is not available I can receive comparable treatments from her associate.This consistency is important to me and I believe that the weekly treatments are the best way for me to be assured of a pain free life.

—Raymond L.


Emily has been there for me for almost a decade. When I need a tune-up or an emergency repair, she is there for me. Emily keeps me well-adjusted and I feel super comfortable with her.

—Andrea B.


I struggle with chronic low back issues and don’t know what I would do without Emily and Ceara at Ashbridge’s Health Centre. They have seen me through multiple disc injuries and with their support I was able to meet my fitness goal of completing a three day triathlon last summer. Not only do I get immediate relief after each visit, I love going to the clinic because they are both warm, friendly, knowledgeable and never rush me, despite my many questions. I’m so glad I found the clinic and not just for me – I work in maternal health and refer all my pregnant and postpartum clients.  Ashbridge’s Health Centre has one of the best health care teams I have ever worked with.

—Olivia S.


Dr Howell and Dr Higgins are both truly exceptional practitioners. They both consistently go above and beyond in providing holistic patient care, always doing their best to fit me in quickly in an emergency, and they take the time to make you feel valued as a patient. Beyond adjustments, they explain everything about the appointment, provide education, supplemental resources, home programming, and they send helpful reminders before your appointment – a busy new mom’s favourite! They are exceptionally knowledgeable about pre- and post-natal care, and unlike chiropractors of the past, they help you develop independence so you aren’t stuck going to twice-weekly appointments for the rest of your life. Although at Ashbridges, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing! So grateful for both of these women for their care. I’ve never felt better!

—Melanie T.