Doctors of Chiropractic focus on the neuromusculoskeletal system and have a holistic approach to your body’s overall wellness. They diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. Chiropractors use soft tissue and myofascial therapy, various modalities (ultrasound, electrotherapy), chiropractic adjustments, exercise prescription, custom orthotics and other advice to correct mechanical fixations in the spine and joints, relieve pain and return the body back to normal function. Chiropractic has been found to be effective in the treatment of low back pain, neck pain, headaches, pregnancy related pain, etc. Chiropractors work with patients of all ages to relieve initial joint and muscle pain, give rehabilitative care and preventative maintenance care to help you stay as healthy as you can be.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage therapists assess and use hands-on techniques to manipulate soft tissues and joints of the body to encourage a therapeutic response to treat and prevent physical dysfunction. The techniques used can stretch and loosen connective tissues and muscles, affect joint movement, and help to increase function and range of motion, which then reduces muscle tension. Specifically it increases circulation by dilating small blood vessels, stimulates lymph circulation (aiding in eliminating waste and toxic debris), increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles and tissues and improves muscle tone. Massage therapy can be preventative or restorative, helping to maintain, rehabilitate, and augment physical function and relieve pain. Massage therapists can help to alleviate soft tissue discomfort related to everyday stress, muscle overuse and chronic pain syndromes.


Acupuncture can help to relieve pain and stress and increase vitality. We use very fine high-grade surgical steel disposable needles, which are used once only to stimulate acupuncture points in your body, It not only helps to eliminate or reduce pain, but also increase your physical functioning and give you a greater sense of well being. Recent studies have found acupuncture to be safe and effective in the treatment of arthritis of the knee, shoulder pain, low back pain, headaches, neck, hip, and elbow pain, etc.

Custom Orthotics

The alignment of your feet can affect the rest of your body. Assessment and treatment of the feet with orthotics can often ease the pain of common foot, knee and lower back complaints. These conditions cannot only limit mobility, but can also affec the entire body. Orthotics help to restore proper alignment and biomechanics. Call today to see if you can be helped by orthotics.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sit in the pelvic inlet and serves many functions such as stabilizing the core, supporting abdominal organs, providing sexual function, and maintaining continence. When there is injury to the pelvic floor, whether it is due to pregnancy, pelvic surgeries or trauma, one can experience a number of problems such as pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, low back pain, pain during sex, prolapse, and many other symptoms. Pelvic floor physiotherapists are primary health care providers who are trained to give an internal and global assessment of the individual to deduce what structures could be contributing to the dysfunction or pain. They will then develop an individualized treatment program to help relieve symptoms but also tailor the treatment so that it easily fits into your daily routine. Most importantly, they will provide you with the education for you to self-manage the symptoms and prevent further injury.

*Please note our pelvic health physiotherapist has left the clinic and we are currently looking for a replacement.