Jackie Leesun

Jackie Leesun, Registered Massage Therapist

LeesunMassage for me is a form of meditation. It is an intuitive form of communication between myself and the needs of my client. I attune myself at a deep level and listen to the needs of their bodies in the moment. I then access my skills, training and intuition to find what would best offer the healing that the person is seeking. Many years ago, I began a journey of self-discovery and exploration. My life purpose became very clear to me. My highest priority became exploring my relationship with mindfulness, compassion and how that relationship is reflected in every aspect of my life. I began to discover a deep ocean of positive Chi within myself. Massage is an avenue for me to share this Chi with those who come into my life. In my massage therapy session, I use active listening, intuition and humor to understand my client’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. My knowledge and appreciation for the human body, mind and spirit connection continues to deepen.

Over the last 16 years I have studied: Jin Shin Jitsu, Tai Chi, NISA, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Sound Therapy, Music/Dance Therapy, Herbology, Sports Massage, Osteopathy, Graston Technique and nervy mobilization of the lower extremity. I have developed Osteo-Kinetic Alignment which has been used successfully to treat musculoskeletal pain, neurophysiologic pain and muscle/postural/gait complaints.

Massage has helped me access places deep within myself, let go and surrender to life. It has been an incredible gift and its one that I look forward to sharing with you.

To book an appointment for a massage, please e-mail Jackie directly at ommmmm18@hotmail.com